touring malaysia & singapore

touring easter

easter is hard

Hi everyone out there,
we hope each and everyone of you had a nice time during the last weeks and wasn‘t dissappointed too much with new years eve. Occasionally most of us seem to be. But i wander from the subject.
We wanna go on tour with Līdz Pēdējam and we need a little bit of help to fill the gaps. If you know someone who might be able to help us, please get in touch.
thanks a bomb!
25.03. Oldenburg – Alhambra
26.03. Netherlands NEED HELP
27.03. Belgium/NRW NEED HELP
28.03. Kaiserslautern/Koblenz NEED HELP
29.03. Karlsruhe/Heilbronn/Ulm NEED HELP
30.03. Nürnberg – tba.
31.03. Offenbach – tba.
01.04. Ústi nad Labem, CZ – Underground Club
02.04. Leipzig – tbc.

hometown blues

we‘re excited to play at lovely Medusa with Lie After Lie in a couple of weeks. hometown throwdown. yay!


It is time for a conclusion. A huge thank you to everyone in Latvia for making this trip amazing and totally worthwhile. Thank you Daniels for inviting us to your festival! Thank you Eriks, Raivis, Martins et al. for recording and filming our session in Ogre. We‘re excited to see the final results. If it is somehow possible for you to get there we recommend Recmore Media to everyone who plays music and wants to record stuff in a great environment. Thanks Ilze, Ramona et al. for having us in Daugavpils. Thanks to Daniels mother and grandmother for the amazing food. Sitting in their humble „dacha“ and listening to José Gonzalez is a memory i will cherish forever. I could go on and on. love!